Rob Sammons

iOS Developer in the North East of England.

Personal Apps

Randomizer (iOS)

Randomize a list of items. iCloud support.

Math Trainer (iOS/tvOS)

Educational mental arithmetic game. Game Center support.

Countdown (iOS/watchOS)

Countdown to favourite events.

Math Trainer (Windows Phone)

Launched with Windows Phone 7. Ranked No. 2 in Education

Work Apps


iOS Developer at hedgehoglab. Find restaurant deals in London and pay with phone.


iOS Developer at hedgehoglab. Chat app with branching.

ShowReal (V1)

iOS Contributor at hedgehoglab. Video dating app.

Find a Film Fast

iOS Developer at hedgehoglab. Movie based recommendations.

Dinermojo (V1)

iOS Contributor at hedgehoglab. Restaurant loyalty scheme.

Cloudhop (V1)

iOS Developer at hedgehoglab. Add places to custom maps.


iOS Contributor at hedgehoglab. Find restaurants in London.

Receipt Catcher

iOS Developer for DNA-Apps. Capture and save receipts.

Ongoing iOS updates including iPad support.

Picture Speech

iOS Developer at Unionloft. Capture and listen to text.

Memory Box (V2/V3)

iOS Developer at Flo-culture. Discover, create and share stories.